Friday, May 15, 2009

Daddy was tired on St pats day.
David's bday cupcakes

David and Wren share a birthday. They are anxiously awaiting a piece of this cake that Aunt Melissa (and Wren's mommy) made!

Donny and Charlie have always been such good friends. There is non stop laughter when they are together.
Cousins Charlie and Lily with Donny, Bree and David.
The jazzy rocks! The kids had so much fun with Grandma and Papa mountains, and Papa McEwan (Suzy's father-in-law is part of our family).
Aunt Suzy and Bree.
Me and Megs.

David and Megan (Suzy's little girl) at the LA Zoo.
My big sister and me at the LA Zoo. I miss her so much!! I love you Suzy.
Bree insisted a picture be taken of her braid.
This is about as close as you can get to all kids smiling in ther same picture! Oh yeah, we will be adding one more baby due January 22!! You know what that means, December.