Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

A couple nights ago I went in tho check on the boys, (yes I still check on my kids before I go to bed) and this is what I saw. It is so nice to see them so sweet together. david absolutely adores his big brother. Should I skip the bunkbeds and just buy a double?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

When words go wrong

Every night before bed, the kids each read a scripture from the "kid's" Book of Mormon and then Ed or I read the same scripture from the Book of Mormon. Bree who is in kindergarten, is very anxious to read without help. So almost every word is sounded out next to a very patient daddy and a mommy hoping to speed up every word until the end so I can have some peace and quiet. (I know, I am a bad example. Quit your lecturing you judgemental people.)

Tonight, it happened. She sounded out the word "darkness". VERY SLOWLY. All the sounds were perfect, then I told her to "snap it". Which just means put it together. Well, it came out "canoe a$$". I was laughing so hard, I was crying! Even Ed was cracking up. He rarely loses his composure, especially at prayer time. Bree was so good though, she didn't get offended or anything! She just kept reading.

I love being a mom.

Monday, November 2, 2009


These are just recent pics. This one of Bree in the green shirt I took today. A pic of Donny's new smile. And Halloween pics. Oh, and our snow day! October28, we woke up to snow. Crazy. It was nice for Halloween, though.

Pumpkin Carving

The Monday night before Halloween each year we carve pumpkins for family home evening. Here are our pics. David was less than excited to carve, so he pretty much just ran around the house with this little pumpkin.

For the Unimpressed

I have heard way too many of you that were not impressed by my giant belly shot. I stood in front of the kitchen wall this time. Bree took the picture so it is shot upwards. Not the most flattering picture of me. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Giant Belly

For those of you who do not have the pleasure of living close enough to me to see way too much, I present to you this picture. The most ginormous 27 week pregnant belly known to exist in a singleton birth. Please hold your applause to the end of the pregnancy when even moms of quads will stare in amzement. Why I wore a black shirt in front of a black wall is anybody's guess.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Last Thing I Need

What, may i ask you is the last thing I need? When I put my kids to bed at night for them to get up and crazy for the next hour. Don't I need rest and relaxation? Don't I need some downtime? Don't I need some peace and quiet? WHO WARMS THE SUN?

First Donny stands up in his bed. Then Bree goes to the bathroom, so of course David needs to get up out of his bed to go get in Bree's bed. (who, by the way, told me yesterday she no longer wants a nickname and wishes to be called, Gabrielle) Well, Donny needs to get up to make sure David is back in his bed. Then David sits up in his bed pretending to choke on his sleeper because he does not like sleepers anymore and only wants jams. So I change David into one of Donny's shirts, because at this point I am so tired or lazy, call it what you will, I just cannot go through with the extra step of pants. I still can't get David to chill so Donny goes and sleeps in my bed. Seriously, I need an hour just to come down from what just happened.

So one morning later, the kids are at school. David and Parker are running through the house like it's the last day to run, and I am sure the whole thing will happen again tonight. You know what a woman like me needs? One more baby!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A new girl!!

I am sure by now most of you know, but just in case, we are having another girl!! Now is the time to weigh in on your favorite names. A couple of Names we are thinking of are; Mallory Jade, Ava Roxanne, Ginger and Brooklyn. Here she is sucking her little fingers.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

This is Bree's first day of Kindergarten. What a beautiful little girl.
She insisted on wearing this outfit even though it was hot and it is still too big. What can I do, at least it matched?

Donny is in first grade now. He loves it! I love his teacher, Mrs. Bickers because she is not an advocate of homework. He reads for 20 min per day and has one page of homework. Thank you, we love you, Mrs. Bickers.

How do they grow up so fast?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh What a Day

Well, after much harrassing from Bree, saying we were having twins for weeks now, we have had our ultrasound. There is most definately one baby in there. Another couple of months to find out the color. The heartrate is 160. You know what that means...it could be a girl, or a boy. My doctor laughed as he told us we had a 50/50 chance.

Yesterday I was starting to lose it because our house was a mess and that makes me feel crazy inside. Donny was so funny, he must have felt the impending doom of my mood, because every time I asked him to do something, he would say,"Oh yes my mother dear, I would sure love to." How could I possibly be upset after that? We got the upstairs clean with a few laughs.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is Bree at five. She LOVES animals.

Bree is Five!

It seems like just yesterday we brought our little angel home. She has brought our family immeasureable amounts of joy. Here is a look of our princess within days of each birthday. Happy Birthday Bree!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Room!!!

This is how you know that you have built a house too small for your growing family; you walk into their room and see trashed brought to a whole new level. I heard bumping, jumping and noises of all natures, but nothing could prepare me for what came next. Imagine being 5 and having a room so small that you actually have to put your bed up against the wall. Not "pushed" against the wall, but actually tilted up sideways on the wall. Ed, advised me that in the best interest of everybodys health and eardrums, I should not go upstairs until the cleaning was done.

We have drawers that we organize our toys in. There is one we affectionately call "the girl drawer". All of Bree's smaller girl toys go in this drawer. They had emptied the contents of this drawer and they are now all over her floor.

I write about this to calm my nerves. And to keep me from going upstairs where crazy things will happen if I do.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Daddy was tired on St pats day.
David's bday cupcakes

David and Wren share a birthday. They are anxiously awaiting a piece of this cake that Aunt Melissa (and Wren's mommy) made!

Donny and Charlie have always been such good friends. There is non stop laughter when they are together.
Cousins Charlie and Lily with Donny, Bree and David.
The jazzy rocks! The kids had so much fun with Grandma and Papa mountains, and Papa McEwan (Suzy's father-in-law is part of our family).
Aunt Suzy and Bree.
Me and Megs.

David and Megan (Suzy's little girl) at the LA Zoo.
My big sister and me at the LA Zoo. I miss her so much!! I love you Suzy.
Bree insisted a picture be taken of her braid.
This is about as close as you can get to all kids smiling in ther same picture! Oh yeah, we will be adding one more baby due January 22!! You know what that means, December.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here is my little precious all ready for the snow.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Since I have been harrassed to update by an anonymous person (you know who you are Christine), I guess it is time. The other day I was cutting Donny's hair with the clippers and he asked why I couldn't just take him in to get it cut. I told him the girl didn't do a very good job and then he said, "Then why do they call it "great clips"?". He is too funny sometimes. Bree has missed a week of school now due to this nasty cold. Her preschool teacher gave me her work today, and I just thought, "wow, look at all that work I have to do". One of my favorite things about David is that he runs to me with open arms and says MAMA, MAMA! It is so adorable.

Friday, January 30, 2009

We are planning a trip to see gma and papa mountains(Segalla) in March. There has not been a ton going on. Just school and work. Ed is in the most difficult class yet, but only 3 months left! (Of that class.) If two of the classes he needs are offered in the summer, we should be done in Dec!!!!!!

My first attempt to sell on ebay has failed miserably! Not even an offer!! I might try one more time. I still have a day or two left, so we shall see I guess.

The kids are doing well. It is amazing to watch Donny read! Bree is writing here name so well. E's have been really tricky for her. David is starting to speak in 5 word sentences. It amazes me every time I hear him speak.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Friends, Cousins, and Christmas!

Bree loves her cousin Kurt! She said she is going to marry him. I guess I will have to tell her of the illegality of it later. (In any event, her she is and this is what she looks like.) Suzy, that was for you. My adorable little girl is growing up. This is happening way to fast. I keep telling her to slow down, but she lets me know that she gets hungry and has to eat. Apparently eating is making her grow.

The kids sure have enjoyed the popcon Uncl Jon and Aunt Misty got for Donny! Donny and David are eating some in this picture on christmas eve.

It was so much fun to have uncle Joe and Aunt Melanie come for a couple days before christmas this year. The kids had so much fun playing in the snow. they ran through the house and had a blast.

About a week before christmas, Jeffi and Charlotte came for a visit. It was so nice to see them. It is always fantastic to catch up with friends we have had for a while. And talk about the sunrise that was not...