Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Room!!!

This is how you know that you have built a house too small for your growing family; you walk into their room and see trashed brought to a whole new level. I heard bumping, jumping and noises of all natures, but nothing could prepare me for what came next. Imagine being 5 and having a room so small that you actually have to put your bed up against the wall. Not "pushed" against the wall, but actually tilted up sideways on the wall. Ed, advised me that in the best interest of everybodys health and eardrums, I should not go upstairs until the cleaning was done.

We have drawers that we organize our toys in. There is one we affectionately call "the girl drawer". All of Bree's smaller girl toys go in this drawer. They had emptied the contents of this drawer and they are now all over her floor.

I write about this to calm my nerves. And to keep me from going upstairs where crazy things will happen if I do.

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