Thursday, August 19, 2010

American Graffiti

Tonight was the open house for the new school which my children will be attending. It is a beautiful school. Everything I had hoped for for my children. Pristine. Clean. Unmolested. Until that is, my child got a hold of it. There was a pile of markers sitting on the ground which Donny decided was for "decorating" the outside of the school. I looked appropriately disgusted and stormed my children off. Donny and I dropped off the rest of the family then we headed to Macey's for supplies, which he had to buy. We scrubbed for a good 30 minutes, but made little progress. I took him home, got a new arsenal of scrubbies and went back, alone. After another half an hour of scrubbing and EVERYBODY that passed by had to make some stupid comment to me, I went to find the principal to confess our sins. I feel sufficiently humilated. He asked for me to show him, after which he laughed. Then said they have industrial strength graffiti cleaner that will take it off in two seconds. He said I will laugh about it in 10 years. The head custodian said it was a nice break from the swear words he had to clean off of the high school. It's a good thing he didn't have to clean out my mind because there were quite a few choice words going through my mind tonight.

I do have to say, it is nice to report a story that is not about David.


Holly said...

You may laugh about it in 10 years - I'm laughing today. Why? Because it was your kid and not mine. Actually, you have my sincere empathy. Tomorrow is another day.

Billy and Cassie plus4 said...

Don't you just love boys? Trust me when i say you aren't the only one who deals with something like that happening to.. Your kids are so cute and getting big! I see from the pic you are in a minivan, what kind of minivan is it? Just asking!

Shalayne M Bragg said...

I too have to laugh, mostly cause it's not my kid, but just know we've all been there. I have had numberous embarrasing moments with my little hellions. Good to know our new principal seems easy going and treated it well.