Wednesday, August 4, 2010


After 16 years. Stacie, Me and Hannah.

Just wondering if there is an estimate as to how much CO2 is produced by human breathing?

And what, by the way makes one person more entitled to make it. Just wondering if I breathe 2 less times per minute if that will make up for the fact that I had four kids instead of two?
On our trip to Denver we stayed at the Best Western Hotel. The first morning at breakfast, we attracted quite a bit of attention. The kids weren't acting up. No shouting or arguing, but the fact that ONE person had FOUR kids seemed to stir the room. One lady kept giving me death stares like my having four children had somehow directly affected her breathing. Like she could feel the oxygen being sucked out of the room only to be replaced by poisonous gasses. At one point she actually bumped into me! No apology or anything. Had I offended her? Oh, how I wished she would have just come up to me and said what she was thinking. I would not have bitten my tongue. I would have just told her how enjoyable...ahem...night games were, and maybe she could benefit from them.

Here is how our trip went:

Donny and Sam at the zoo, just chillin'.

Maddy, Bree's new BFF.

Eli, so adorable.

Sam is somewhere in the background. Here are all the kids.

Denver zoo.

Hannah, how is your posture so good?

Bree and Madison.

You have to be really tired to fall asleep with cotton candy in your hand.

Hannah's awesome backyard.
Bree and Maddy.

Davy Doo

Just because you replace the countertop, does not mean you can consider the place "remodeled". Don't stay in the Denver Super8. It is dirty and hot.

Sleepy Donny and Mallory.


Mak said...

Looks like a fun trip! The denver zoo looks like the Hogle Zoo :)

BTW- we learned long ago that no matter how cheap, Super 8 just isn't worth it! Ever!

Tennille said...

Thanks, Melissa. That information would have been more useful to me last week!