Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Last Thing I Need

What, may i ask you is the last thing I need? When I put my kids to bed at night for them to get up and crazy for the next hour. Don't I need rest and relaxation? Don't I need some downtime? Don't I need some peace and quiet? WHO WARMS THE SUN?

First Donny stands up in his bed. Then Bree goes to the bathroom, so of course David needs to get up out of his bed to go get in Bree's bed. (who, by the way, told me yesterday she no longer wants a nickname and wishes to be called, Gabrielle) Well, Donny needs to get up to make sure David is back in his bed. Then David sits up in his bed pretending to choke on his sleeper because he does not like sleepers anymore and only wants jams. So I change David into one of Donny's shirts, because at this point I am so tired or lazy, call it what you will, I just cannot go through with the extra step of pants. I still can't get David to chill so Donny goes and sleeps in my bed. Seriously, I need an hour just to come down from what just happened.

So one morning later, the kids are at school. David and Parker are running through the house like it's the last day to run, and I am sure the whole thing will happen again tonight. You know what a woman like me needs? One more baby!

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