Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Day in The Life

After much nagging, I have created a blog.Today is Ed's bday, and he has a bit of a sinus infection. We went to the temple this morning and it started our day off right. Donny and Bree are now playing outside and David sleeping.

After five years of having my children to myself, Donny is now in Kindergarten, and Bree is in Preschool. As soon as Donny gets off of the bus, before he even says hello, he says, "can I play with friends?" When did this start? My decent into the realm of being a mom of older kids has started. Do I like it? I am not sure. There are certainly pros and cons. They are good helpers. They take trash out, help with the laundry, can get the wii nintendo set up by themselves. On the other hand, I am having to let go of the little bit of control I once had over these precious little ones. I am no longer the smartest mommy in the world. They are starting to discover that maybe mommy doesn't know it all.

This time of teaching is short. I already look back to what we in our house, affectionately refer to as "the milk incident", with laughter. How many moms have slid across the kitchen floor on milk only to discover that milk acts as super glue with human hair.

I do love my life and am indeed grateful to be able to share it with the rest of you now.

Love, Tennille


Michael said...

Hi Tennille, This is a great blog. Good photos, intriging story, heart felt change. It is all there! I will follow your blog with pleasure.

Best wishes


Kathy said...

Howdy Tennille & Family,
I already love your blog!!! Did you happen to know that your kids are adorable:) Enjoy every day of watching them grow up, it goes pretty fast:) Love you all, Kathy

Jerry said...

Thanks, Tennille. This is a good way to keep in touch.

I am looking forward to visiting with you soon.



Mom said...

I am so proud of you and the great mom you have become. I always hoped that my daughters would love being mom's as much as I did. The only problem is that you get retired long before you are ready. Treasure each moment.