Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thank You Cards

I am a grateful person. I do appreciate when nice things are done for me. I do however, have a "beef" with thank you cards (TYC).

Generally, kind acts of service are extended to help one out when one needs help. If one needs help, why do we put that person under all the added stress to give us TYC? It makes me crazy.

I owe about 65 TYC from when I was pregnant with Mallory. Most of them I wrote last February. They are all in a pile in a closet. Somewhere. If you are one of these people that feel as though you got the shaft and are without your TYC, please call me and I will dig through the pile and send yours to you.

PLEASE NEVER SEND ME A TYC!!!!! I don't want one. I feel obligated to keep them, especially if you are a scrapbooker and took more time to make the card than it took me to make the money to buy your gift. Or more time than it took me to do whatever it was that made you feel compelled to give me a TYC.

Just say, "thank you". That is nice. It is good enough for me.

What do you guys think?


Holly said...

Yes! I am a fellow TYC hater!

Tannis Rogers said...

Oh my heck, I TOTALLY agree! But I've never been able to explain it as good as you have! And I, too, have a stack of thank you cards, somewhere, that I still need to pass out back from before BRADEN was born!!!

If it wasn't plageurism, I'd copy this post to my blog! Lol! I couldn't have said it better myself, and it's good to have the word out there! Thank you! (And that's all... you won't get a thank you card from me! Lol!)

Mary Ellen said...

I have a different perspective. When Ellis lost his job, I was overwhelmed with the kindnesses people showed my family. That said, I didn't send out thank you cards because of any sense of obligation or guilt, I sent them because *I* needed to do it for me. I needed to put down in words these feelings that had been swirling around in me. And I struggle more with a face-to-face "thanks" than some. I find that I'm more articulate with the written word. Certainly a thank you card should never be seen as expected or a drudgery--it should be seen as one way (out of many) that a person can choose to say, "You made a difference for me."

Billy and Cassie plus4 said...

I am the same way, Just a Thank you is Good enough for me!! I am not one to send out TYC's either..Man I would have a basket full if I did, Because I never mail them. PS, I need help with my header of my blog..I can't get my description to show with my pic..I had it adn then when I changed my background and got the Picture window like it said the background worked well with, my picture looks weird now!

Charlie said...

This just makes me want to send you a Thank-You Card...