Friday, May 27, 2011

Rocks for Sale

Bree, my little entrepreneur, decided she wanted money to add to the "Legoland jar", (and I told her she had to get her rock collection out of my kitchen). She set out to sell her prized possessions. She advertised with a sign which read; Rocks 50 cents. She then stood outside for 30 minutes holding her sign. No takers. She came back in the house, turned her sign over, and wrote,"Beautiful Rocks 50 cents". 30 more minutes, still no customers.

We went for a walk and she brought her rocks and sign with her. We only saw one person. When we got home, she walked up to Daddy, defeated, and with tears in her eyes told him her woes. "Nobody bought my rocks, Daddy." Well, wouldn't you know it, Daddy bought one of those 50 cent rocks, pilfered from his own yard. He really is the best Daddy ever.

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Mak said...

awwww. I'd totally buy a beautiful rock from that girl! BTW- according to Cyndi, otter pop selling is good business. None of the cup/pouring crap of a lemonade stand- no sir, she just set her kids up with a table, scissors and a basket for trash and they made 7 bucks!