Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Of Pretzels and Boys

A couple weeks ago in church, David dumped the rest of the month old bag of pretzels (now a powdery mess) into his lap in an effort to get every last crumb into his mouth. Tiny pretzel particles were all over his lap(and the pew, and the floor).  I made him lean over my bag as I brushed them in.  If that had happened with Donny, I would have been a mess.  But now, being a mom of four kids, I have learned to chill just a bit.  Sometimes I'm a fruitcake, but for the most part I roll with the punches(sometimes literally).

There was a time when I wondered why I even went to church.  I spent most of sacrament meeting in the foyer, and every now and then some of the women at church would make a comment to me about how their children never acted that way.  (Well, good for you, Supermom! I wish I had a sarcastic font.)

I go, and have always gone to church because that is what I am suppose to do.  It is what I promised to do when I chose to be baptized.  I promised to take upon myself Christ's name.  I wouldn't be doing that if I were a quitter. I press forward, I attend my church meetings, I laugh, and sometimes I cry in defeat.  I don't however, give up.

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Aimee said...

Oh bless your heart Tennille! Did women seriously say things like that to you?!?