Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just Do It!!

I'm ashamed to admit, that last night I just lay on the couch in defeat.

The next month of my life is filled almost to the minute.  I felt overwhelmed.  I have two weddings to attend (I'm really excited about both of these :) ), one a few states away, Girls Camp for church (with many projects for that to finish), I will be driving to California with the kids,  we are taking the kids to Bear World, I keep getting calls for PTA fundraisers, I am PTA President this year so there is the first meeting (and coming up with the agenda for that, which has me feeling a little nervous), I need to meet with our principal still, the first day of school, ballet registration, middle school registration, and to top it all off, the printer wouldn't work.

When Ed came home from work he thought he was alone, because it was so quiet.  He helped with the printer and labels for Girls Camp, and I felt better.  Check one thing off of my list.  It occurred to me late last night, that if I would "just do it", I could start checking more things off my list, and I would feel better.

That's what I will be doing from here on out.

Just do it!!!  Get it done, and cross it off the list.


Aimee said...

Isn't it funny sometimes when there's so much to do, we do absolutely nothing :)
Please let me help with something...PTA...anything...

Jerry Segalla said...

It is time to update your blog. I love you.