Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Bit of Christmas Cheer

This year I was lazy, so we bought a gingerbread kit. I usually make my own, but not this year. The kids had just as much fun and I didn't have a pile of dishes to clean at the end.

This is how David makes gingerbread houses. He simply eats as much "cangy" as possible before anybody else notices.

David was really chatty with Santa. He was really excited to meet him. I had to make him wait his turn. He was telling him all sorts of fun things. We don't know what they are. I am thinking Santa must be pretty special though, because David doesn't like strangers.

Bree told Santa she wants a pink guitar for Christmas. He said he would tell the elves to put her name on it after they made it so they would be sure it made it to her.

Donny told Santa he wanted Kung Fu Panda this year. I'm betting he will get it. Santa gave colring books instead of candy canes. Thank you!!!!!

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