Saturday, January 23, 2010

Donny LOVES to play Bionicles online.

We start our kids reading the "paper" early in this house.

Bree's new Cinderella nightgown during "vent time".

My friend Lisa gave me this cute outfit for Mallory.

Bree made this model of me out of bendaroos. Notice my mouth, I am eating a pretzel. Should I diet? When your kids start making pics of you eating, perhaps it time to find a new hobby.

David, during naptime, decided to get dressed. Even the socks match! They are navy blue.


Mark & Katherine said...

The picture is great. My kids always want bendaroos. Mallory is so cute in her little blue outfit.

Threegirlsandalittleman said...

your kids are adorable!! And mama you look good yourself after having a baby!!

Mary Ellen said...

But you're eating a *pretzel* It's not like the Bendaroo is eating a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese. ;-)