Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome to the Family!

All of my preciousnesses. Mallory does not appreciate bathtime yet.

Proud daddy.

Donny getting ready to blow out candles.

David calls Mallory princess. It is the name he came up with for her. He loves her so much.

Donny got what he wanted for his bday.

Doesn't my mom look so pretty in this picture?!!!

This years gingerbread house. Thank you so much for thinking of it Dad!

Bree absolutely loves this baby!

Here is the last 4 weeks in a nutshell: We had a baby, Donny had a birthday #7, Gma and Papa mntns came for a great visit and we had christmas.


Todd said...

Congrats! She is very cute....looks like her mom! I'm sorry I haven't seen you both yet, but I'm keeping my germs at our house :) Your blog decor is super cute. Take it easy! Nikki

Christine said...

Adorable baby, sweet big brother and yes your mom does look so pretty!