Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Mall Santa

I thought I had gotten away with no trips to see Santa this year until Bree asked about it a couple days ago. I then went to the Mall's website to see when I could take the kids for the ever pleasant hour long wait to see a semisweet old guy, who will tell my kids that they can have the $250 lego set if they were good this year. Dec 23 from 12-3 &4-9 were the times we had to choose from, because you know there is no way that I am taking them out on Christmas Eve. I decided the earlier, the better. So I set out with five kids in tow (I had McKenna today) to see Santa.
Clearly, Mallory loves Santa. Poor guy, I am just glad she didn't hit him hard enough to make his heart stop. Can you imagine how that would ruin Christmas for all the kids in line behind us?

David was so starstruck, he could hardly speak to Mr. Claus. Oh, if I could have only stayed for a couple more hours to give my tired holiday ears a break.

Bree asked for something that she is NOT going to get. Bummer for her. I'm sure she'll be okay though.

Donny, oh Donny. When we were close enough in line to see the Big Guy, I pointed out to all the kids that they would be able to see him. Donny looked at me and said,"That is not the real Santa." I felt a wave of panic come over me. "Is the magic taking a nose dive for my baby this year?" I thought. I said, "How do you know?" To which he replied,"I'm old enough to know how it works, Mom." "Exactly how does it work, Donny?" "He is Santa's helper. The real Santa is at the North Pole working." Wow, I just dodged a bullet. I might be lucky if I have one more year of magic with Donny.
When we got to the mall, there were only 10 minutes worth of people in line in front of us, Santa was super nice, and he didn't promise my kids any toys they asked for. I must have been really good this year.

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Mak said...

Well played. My coworker and friend learned to his sorrow that the best (and only answer) to the "That's not Santa" statement is a neutral "How do you know". He accidently told his daughter last christmas!