Thursday, December 9, 2010

Milk, it does a body good

I thought I would post this story for those of you who missed it three years ago.

Has anybody ever wondered how far a gallon of milk would go if propelled in the house by a five year old? Well, neither had I, but today I found out. First, the breaking point is on the side around the circle indent. This is where the flood started. The actual jug did not go far, but oh how the milk did. One inch of milk ALL OVER th ekitchen floor! And for the record, a 31 year old medium build woman WILL slip and fall flat on her butt, sending a geyser of milk (from the jug which she had secured about 5 seconds earlier, saving about 1/3 of the milk) about five feet in the air.

(Yes, I was covered in milk. Who knew milk worked just like hairspray when poured into human hair? Good information to have if you ever run out of hairspray.)

This will make the baby scream, sending a friend running to see what terrible tragedy had just occured. Which in return, will send the friend home to fetch her mop (which was one of the things I had gone to the store to buy and had forgotten of course). The friend will come back a mop the freshly milk bathed floor, and throw in the diningroom just because she loves you so much.

1 1/2 cups of milk remained in the half broken jug.

The moral of this story: Don't let your five year old play ring around the rosies with 2 gallons of milk while carrying them in from the garage. Unless, that is, you don't want to mop your own floor.

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Mark & Katherine said...

I remember this story. Last Sunday my boys got milk in their hair and it was really good hair spray.