Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Greenest Grass

One year I looked out and saw that we did indeed have the greenest grass. It was early in the season, and didn't last long, but for a small time it was, in fact the greenest grass. Could we possibly look at our own lives and think the same thing?

I have always been quite optimistic, positive, and happy. I have been blessed far beyond my ability to fully appreciate. I have been asking myself many questions as I remember the grass from a few years ago. What things in my life would change if I lived by my sister? (I have spent too much time contemplating it.) Would we be able to make enough money to live in such an area? Would some of my relationships change? Would I not live close enough to her to be everything I have hoped for? Would I leave the comfort of my home, friends, church family, and beautiful community to see that it wasn't what I thought it would be?

Perhaps for now, I need to realize how blessed I am. Ed has a good job with good benefits. The kids are all doing well. I have my go to people and am quite happy. I get to go visit my family every year. Maybe my grass is the greenest still.

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