Friday, January 18, 2013


Thirty-six is not such a terrible age.  Right?  WRONG!!!  I wish we could age back and forth from 27 to 31.  You know, when we get to thirty-one, go back to 30, the 29 and so on. 

I realized that all the girls that had babies our senior year will attend their childrens' High School graduation.  I feel so wrong about it. 

I remember when I was still too young to be the mother of the girls that babysat for us.  I am now two years older than my grandma was when she became a grandma.

Don't get me wrong, I am not depressed or anything.  And I definitely think 36 sure ain't what it use to be.  But, I also wish I wasn't in my "late" thirties.  Yuck!!


Aimee said...

Is it your birthday today?!?!

Tennille said...

It was.

Billy and Cassie plus4 said...

you look great for 36...I hope i can look as young as you when i'm 36...I'll be 33 this year.

Tennille said...

That is nice. Thank you.