Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jan 30th...again

Today is always a hard day for me.  Six years ago today, my brother, David died in a head on car collision.  It is also Aubrey's (one of my dearest friends)birthday.

My feelings are always conflicting.  I want to be happy and cheerful for Aubrey, but I am reminded for most of the day of a great loss for the world.  I try to remind myself that he isn't anymore dead today than he was yesterday, and that I should feel the same on January 30th that I feel every other day of the year. Except, of course, June 22, which is his birthday.

He loved children so much.  I am sure he is watching over mine right now.

He was an amazing mechanic and he loved driving fast.

He loved to have his hair brushed.  He would always want to have me brush his hair first, but when it came time for him to brush mine, of course it was time to go or he was tired.  :)

Once, when the mountains were on fire, David decided to acquire a fire hose(we still don't know how he got it, and neither does the fire chief), and stand on my parents roof hosing it off.

He was a great man who helped many without their knowledge.  I will miss him and his chuckle for the rest of my days on this earth.  I feel blessed to call him my brother and friend.  And I am thankful that I have been blessed with an eternal family so that I may see him again one day.

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