Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Life Less Ordinary

Amazing, bizarre, curious, exceptional, fantastic, gnarly, incredible, marvelous, and phenomenal.  Did you catch what all these words have in common?  They are all synonyms for the word extraordinary.  They also happen to describe my life.

My journey to motherhood started the same way as many other girls.  At age two, I would pretend to nurse my babies and rock them to sleep.  When I was five, I would have tea parties with all my babies arranged perfectly in place on a blanket.  By the time I was a teenager, my thoughts were more sophisticated.  I imagined six or eight blonde haired, blued eyed beauties.  They were all impeccably dressed, hair pinned perfectly in place, and never dirty. 

When I hit my twenties, I just wanted to be a wife and mother.  My vision for my children had not changed.  They would sit quietly having picnics, reading books to the younger children, and of course, brush each others long flowing tresses as they giggled about silly things.

I would imagine myself holding my daughters' hands as we ran through lush, green meadows, and danced as our shiny locks blew effortlessly in the breeze.

Never then did I realize that I would find toothpaste on my new expensive comforter, boogers in my hair, or gum on baseboards and toilet seats(really?toilet seats?).  Never did I realize how wonderful and amazing two boys, and two girls, who are semi clean most of the time would be.  Four rambunctious, and completely extraordinary kids.  They have in large part shaped the woman I am today.  A crazy woman.  Crazy, yes, but happy and fulfilled and satisfied.


Aimee said...

Ah...the dreams we once had :)
I love envisioning them through your words!
You are NOT crazy!

r-pentomino said...

Crazy in the best possible way! Love you.